Jazz on Chromatic Harmonica and Flute

I love jazz for providing a medium where individual expression is shaped by collaborative interaction, feeding on each other, creating something more than the sum of the parts. Being in the moment, ever new!

Although not traditional jazz instruments, pioneer jazz masters Toots Thielemans (chromatic harmonica), and Herbie Mann / Hubert Laws (flute) have proven the unique expressiveness of their instruments in the jazz idiom.

Musical collaborations foster enduring friendships, and its a joy to share these musical adventures with such good people and talented musicians:

Sugar – by Stanley Turintine

Marty Howe Jazz Trio – Marty Howe – Chromatic Harmonica, with the incredibly talented Marty Steele on keyboard, and Larry Greenwood on drums at Front Street Grill Nanaimo, BC.

Notice how Marty Steele plays bass on a separate keyboard with his left hand in the style of Jimmy Smith.  The bass player and keyboard player get along very well!


Marty Howe Jazz Trio – Marty Howe – flute, with Marty Steele on keyboard, and Jame McRae on drums Nanaimo, BC.

THE MARTYS with Joan Wallace

THE MARTYS with Joan Wallace (vocals) at the MarineFest.

Marty Howe – flute and harmonica , Jame McRae on drums, and Marty Steele on keys.

Just Friends

Marty Howe on Chromatic Harmonica, Marty Steele on Keys, and James McRae on drums. Nanaimo BC Canada, performed at Chars Landing, Port Alberni BC.

What’s Going On (Marvin Gaye)

Marty Howe on jazz Chromatic Harmonica, Marty Steel on Keys and Key Bass, James (Smarty) McRae on drums, Osborne Bay Pub in Crofton BC.