World Music – Flamenco Fusion

The term “World Music” is really a marketing category invented by Gringos for any non-Western traditional music. As a result of the digital communication revolution, and easy access to travel, world citizens are discovering each others rich exotic musical traditions resulting in expanding our music palette and offering possibilities for collaboration and cross fusion. I take joy in attempting to live the Vedic ideal of “The World is my family”.

Both flute and chromatic harmonica are already familiar friends in Nuevo Flamenco Fusion. Listen to Paco de Lucia’s collaboration with Spain’s Antonio Serrano (harmonica) and Jorge Pardo (flute) for proof of this.

In my journey of discovery, I attended an International Guitar Festival in Mexico and met Cuban/Mexican Flamenco Guitar master Josue Tacaronte. We ended up performing together in Mexico, Canada, and Cuba, and discovered a mutual intent to explore a fusion of Flamenco styles with jazz improvisation. “Marty, el flamenco and jazz they are hand in hand” Josue said to me.

The following clips are a record of the beginning of our journey. Stay tuned, much more to come!

Bulerias (Am)

Performed at the Victoria Flamenco Festival, with Cuban/Mexican Josue Tacoronte (guitar), and Cuban/Canadian Miguelito Valdez (flugelhorn and cahon). They are both amazing World Class musicians and it is an honor to play with them.

Miguelito Valdes has played his horns with Buena Vista Social Club, Sting, Herbie Hancock, Wayne Shorter, many other international musicians. 

Bulerias is a popular Flamenco form in 12 beat cycles.


Also Performed at the Victoria Flamenco Festival with Josue Tacoronte and Miguelito Valdez in addition to Mark Woodside (Vancouver).

Popular re-interpretation of Aranjuez (2nd Movement) derived from a guitar concerto by the Spanish composer Joaquín Rodrigo. Written in 1939.

El Andariego

Josue’s wife, Paulina Alvarez Izquierdo (vocals), sings like an Angel and will transport you to Heaven and make you weep with joy!

El Andariego was written by Álvaro Carrillo Alarcón a popular Mexican composer and songwriter.

Flamenco Fusion Compositions (Nuevo Flamenco)

This is my first offering at composing in a Flamenco/Jazz fusion genre. My next adventure will be in incorporating more traditional Flamenco rhythms into my compositions.


Traditional Flamenco has very specific styles (Palos) and rhythms ( examples: Bulerias, Faruca, Rumba Flamenca etc.).

Nuevo Flamenco describes a music style rooted in Flamenco, but at the same time departs from tradition by blending and fusing with other genres such as Jazz, Rumba, Bossa Nova, Gypsy, Latin, Middle Eastern, Cuban, Tango, Salsa and even blues.

Paco de Lucía and the Gipsy Kings are famous for bringing such fusion to the world. Paco not only lead the way, but was the one who introduced the Cajon (Afro-Peruvian) into the rhythm section.

In this composition I used a Nuevo Flamenco ensemble of nylon string guitar, (also steel string), Cajon, standup bass, and flute.